In Memory of Helena



In memory of Maria Helena Baronheid,

November 16, 1964 — August 9, 2013

Helena fruttis

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About Leigh Hopkins

Leigh Hopkins is a self-described curiosity junkie and an experienced educator, speaker, and seminar leader. She is Director and Founder of Viva Institute, a “virtual retreat center for the modern mystic.” Before founding Viva Institute, she worked in public policy and education reform for more than 20 years. From 2010-2013 Leigh was the chef at “Instituto Viva,” Viva Institute’s raw-vegan retreat center in Brazil. Among her career highlights, Leigh was vice president for a leading social policy think tank, running 500 literacy programs in underserved communities across the country. She has worked as a program director, policymaker, a grant writer, a reading specialist, a raw-vegan chef, a fashion model (yikes but true!) an elementary school teacher, an intuitive, a choral accompanist, an ice cream scooper, and a swimming instructor. Ela fala português, ella habla español, sta lavorando al suo italiano and on good days, she even remembers English.

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  1. I will never forget Helena, a strong and beautiful woman whose love just shone so brightly long distance. I like to think she still visits, pops in on her thousands of friends at least once to see what they look like, and spends much time checking in with Leigh.

  2. Glad to see this post Leigh. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I haven’t known you or Helena personally but felt very connected to you both through Live your Bliss and Helena’s Healing Circle. She was certainly a lovely being and beautiful light, as are you. Wishing you peace and love.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Leigh.Thank you for posting this. I’ve really enjoyed both blogs and have often wondered how you are.
    I wish you much love and many blessings

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, Lehigh. Helena was my Reiki Teacher some time ago through the Mt. Airy Learning Tree here in the States. She also gave me that wonderful Kale recipe. But I remember most about her was that she loved my candles. My daughter and I will miss Helena.

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