Welcome to Live Your Bliss!  This blog was created 30 days before I launched myself into a new adventure. I sold my house, quit my job, sold most of my possessions, and made the choice to live my life with intention.

This blog is organized in three sections:


A log of my culinary adventures—caring for myself through what I put in my body.


Devoted to my earthbound path and my love of community.


The most personal part of my journey and the reason for this change.

The journey begins here.

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  1. Hi Leigh!!

    I just talked to Lauri on Saturday and found out about Viva. I remember your Dad saying you planned to move to Brazil someday. Congratulations! I’ve longed for a more authentic way of living and sometimes get discouraged about the prospects of ever realizing it. Seeing that you’ve done this makes me believe it could happen for me. Thank you.

    Wishing you and Helena the best,


    • Hi Jeff! So great to hear from you. There are many people who have written to say similar things to what you’ve posted here. For a long time, I though I was stuck in a life that I wasn’t sure I wanted. I looked at how long women in our family live (90’s, 100!) and decided that if I’ve got another 60 years left, I might as well get around to living the life that I truly wanted. So far, no regrets!

      The door is open to you anytime. We’d love to see you!


  2. Hi, Leigh,
    I’m kinda your counterpart–a Brazilian guy living (and growing a small garden, as well as a family) in Baltimore, MD. I just saw your blog and wanted to compliment you on your decision of pursuing a life of your own choosing. I wish you a very fruitful, fulfilling life in my dear Brazil.
    Sucesso com os seus estudos de português!

    • Obrigada, Eduardo! I hope you’re enjoying Baltimore. I did a lot of work with literacy programs in Baltimore when I lived in Philadelphia, and I have a lot of carinho for that city. Best of luck growing your family and garden. By now, you must be getting to those hot, sweaty summer days that resemble the Amazon!


  3. What a beautiful blog. Bookmarked! I just told myself this morning that I would change career paths and get into Gerson caregiving (nonmedical) – but if and only if I saw something about Gerson Therapy, and only if I saw it today. Then I saw this blog link posted on a friend’s facebook wall a few minutes ago. Well, there it is! I look forward to reading much more of your inspiring stuff…keep it up, you’ll be helping more people than you know – you just helped one!

  4. Does your blog happen to take inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s mantra of “following your bliss”?
    Love it! I especially loved the 10 favorite Brazilian expressions.

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